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Loja oficial. Compre produtos Savage 100% autênticos.

We are aware that counterfeit SAVAGE products are manufactured and we work to dismantle and eliminate the market for counterfeit brand products. We have put in place a comprehensive program to address not only SAVAGE's websites offering counterfeit products, but also their provenance, distribution systems, auction sites and other counterfeit product business channels.

To find original products, make your purchases at or at authorized points of sale: retailers, franchises, outlet stores or authorized sales websites.

The purchase of products in unauthorized stores falls on your responsibility. Be wary of those websites that offer significant discounts or early product launches.

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit SAVAGE product, please contact the seller to clarify this issue. SAVAGE cannot answer specific questions about the authenticity of the products.

Actions of the brand protection team

Auctions and online stores:

We monitor online platforms around the world and daily remove auctions, sites and online stores that offer counterfeit SAVAGE products for sale.

Search engines and research:

We collaborate with law enforcement, professional investigators and search engines, such as Google and others, to identify sellers of counterfeit SAVAGE products. Our program has already removed thousands of websites and advertisements.

Technical, payment and hosting providers:

Our program makes use of our intellectual property rights so that technical and hosting providers close the websites stored on their servers that we identify as sellers of counterfeit products and that violate our intellectual property rights, as well as to block access to payment providers, such as credit card companies and online payment systems.

Domain name and UDPR procedures:

When we find a website that keeps popping up, we take action to get a formal cancellation of your domain name or similar action with various agencies that, under international agreements, have the relevant authority to delete a website address or compel a domain registrar to do it.

Blogs and other social networks:

We monitor social media, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest, where counterfeit vendors attempt to sell their merchandise. If we discover these profiles, we delete them.


Our brands are registered in customs services around the world. These services are backed by continuous training and communication with our external consultants, service providers and the brand protection team.

Raids and investigations:

Our researchers monitor markets, factories, warehouses, stores, and trade events. When we identify that counterfeit products are manufactured, stored or sold at these locations, we report to the relevant authorities and raids are carried out. Counterfeit products are seized and destroyed.

Civil and criminal actions:

We use all available means to protect our interests. We take civil actions to seize counterfeit products for destruction or to seek compensation for damage. Also, when necessary, we request and collaborate with law enforcement authorities to take criminal action against those who sell or facilitate the sale of counterfeit products.