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Savage’s philosophy is to encourage people to pursue their passions and to put their best effort in whatever they do. It’s about going further than anyone thought possible. Being Savage is a lifestyle, no matter what your passion or profession is, it is about discovering that you can propose what you want and that improved version is within yourself.

On @savageco we want to show real stories of people who have become who they wanted to be. If you have a story that will encourage people to pursue their passions, tell it to us and show everyone that they can BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE, just like you.

You only have to answer this questions and if you are Savage, we will contact you to send you our clothes and you can take your pictures.

  • What is your name? And your age?
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  • What do you do to pursue your passions?
  • What message or phrase would you like to leave to inspire other people?

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