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      Savage offers you women's jackets and coats in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. Looking for a jacket or coat to ward off the cold during fall and winter? Find the best styles in our online store.

      Jackets and coats for men for any style
      Our collection of women's jackets and coats consists of out-of-date garments that combine classic inspiration with modern innovation. Jackets and coats are extremely versatile pieces of clothing: they can be worn outdoors, but are also perfect for adding to an indoor outfit. The range of materials varies depending on the characteristics that are sought with each model. Cotton, Polyester, Goretex or Nanotex are some of the materials we use. We have the perfect garment for you: whether you are looking for a sports jacket, a warm winter coat or a jacket for demanding temperatures.

      Choose your favorite garment and order it online
      Once you have decided which jacket or coat you want to buy online, with just a few clicks you will have completed your order. In the Savage online store, ordering is very easy: just select your favorite jacket or coat, put it in the shopping cart and request that it be sent home in a couple of days.